Trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Commonwealth of Virginia Sherry E. Showalter, MSW is an Eastern Band Cherokee woman who is inspired by American Indian ritual, spirituality, healing ways and ceremony in her work as a licensed clinical social worker in Hospice care and private practice. Ms. Showalter believes the journey to healing the pain of illness, chronic losses, dying/death, grief, transition and growth begins with providing a sacred, safe forum for people to know they are cared about, and given the means to walk their own very personal path with a guide when needed along their journey. She is a member of the National Hospice Organization and the National Association of Social Work. She has worked intensively with patients and families at the most intimate and vulnerable time of their lives. She has studied, taught and written about the unique and incredible experiences that she has shared along the way. The "real experts", those patients and families that are walking the last journey of life as it is known on this level have taught her well. Ms. Showalter often says, "I am continually amazed at the resiliency of the human spirit."

Ms. Showalter received the 2001 Heart of Hospice Award for her outstanding contributions to the hospice community in the area of Psychosocial Spiritual Care-giving. The National Council of Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's Board of Directors chose her for this esteemed award, along with letters of support from those who know her and have been touched by her work.

Ms. Showalter has co-authored her first children's book with her cherished kindred spirit, Nancy Magazine Trager, tentatively entitled "Turtle Rose and Tribe" to be published by The Brookfield Reader. In addition she has just completed her book entitled, "Krumpled Kleenex"; stories of healing through heartache, and is anticipating its publication soon. She speaks nationally and locally on issues surrounding loss, grief, trauma, healing, growth, humor, coping and transition. She has been published numerous times, her most recent article, "Not In My Family" will be published in Healing Ministry Journal in the May/June 2001 Journal. Through storytelling, ritual and a gestalt approach Ms. Showalter tailors her speaking engagements with programs to best serve the needs of individuals and groups.