Speakers are not responsible for obtaining funding for your organization or event, but we have collected many suggestions from former clients and presentations and are happy to share their creative approaches with you:

Try the main office of your DME, O2, or medical supply provider.

Call the manufacturer of any �soft DME� i.e. 4X4 dressings, IV�s, syringes, chux, etc. your company uses.

Try your local or state Funeral Directors Association.

Try your local Rotary, Lions Club, or other business association.

Combine your conference with other organizations in the area ie; hospice + hospital + long term care facility. Share the costs and broaden the audience and marketing. All of our speakers can adapt their presentations to benefit a mixed audience.

Charge admission- all of our presentations qualify for CEU, CME for your participants.

If you sell books for �author�s book signing� by your speaker, many major publishers will sell for nearly a 50% discount and you can sell them for full cost. Unsold books can be returned for credit.
- For example, Final Gifts (ISBN # 0553-37876-7) can be ordered through Bantam Special Sales Dept Phone # 212-940-7376.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies have been very generous in the past. Typically, the person to contact is the pharmacy Rep for each pharmaceutical company that is assigned to your geographical region. If you are unaware of who your Rep is, ask your pharmacy or call the pharmaceutical companies directly. You might try doing a web search also.

- Purdue Pharma has two specific departments: The Lecture Department for single speakers and The Medical Education Department for conferences. Grant information is available on their website or, if you call 203-588-8000 and ask for the �Purdue Grant Procedure at a Glance� sheet, you will have the information you need. Their fiscal year is Oct-Oct, so requesting you grant soon after Oct 1st is a good idea. Grants sometimes become scarce toward the end of their fiscal year.
- Pfizer-Pharmacia (609) 750-3000 ask for the contact person and phone number for your geographical region.) Or ask if they provide Educational Grants for organizations like yours. General information : (888)768-5501
- PAR Pharma has information on their website about educational grants.
- Biogen Idec has special grants for educating healthcare providers and community. Information is on their website. - Bristol-Myers Squibb has information on their website about educational grants.
- AstraZeneca has information on their website about educational grants
- Ethicon/Johnson+Johnson has information on their website about educational grants.
- NOVARTIS Pharmaceuticals has grants for non-profit organizations in New Jersey
- Sanovi-Aventis has medical education grant information on thier website.
- Eisai Medical Education Grants Department can be reached by phone at (201) 746-2499 (voice mailbox for inquiries), by fax (732) 791-1398 or by email [email protected].
- Schering-Plough has information on their grants to expand the quality and availability in our underserved communities on their website.

If you have found other creative ways to fund your programs, share your ideas with others! Send us an email and we'll post them here.